Feline Thymus Lymphoma Symptoms :

       Feline lymphoma is the most common type of cancers affecting cats. This disease is the third biggest cause of cat-deaths. Feline lymphoma primarily occurs due to cats getting infected with Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

      Feline lymphoma could be described as unabated proliferation of malignant lymphocytes in lymphoid tissues and organs. The disease has been classified into five types depending on the location and the histologic criteria. These include mediastinal form, alimentary form, multicentric form, cutaneous form and extranodal form.

     Mediastinal form of lymphoma has its origin in the thymus, sternal lymph nodes and mediastinal lymph nodes. Alimentary form of lymphoma is the most common type occurring in the lymphoid tissues associated with the alimentary tract. The principle organs involved in the alimentary form include small intestine, mesenteric lymph nodes and stomach. Multicentric form is spread throughout the body and involves peripheral lymph nodes, spleen, liver, bone marrow and other primary lymphoid organs. While lesions on the skin are formed in cutaneous form of lymphoma, tissues surrounding the lymphoid tissues are invaded in extranodal form of lymphoma.

      Feline lymphoma occurring in the thymus is primarily observed in young male cats. This lymphoma occurs due to neoplastic transformations occurring in T-lymphocytes. Since, this type of lymphoma develops in the chest cavity; the symptoms are very much common to those observed during severe respiratory infections. The most common symptoms observed during feline thymus lymphoma include unusual swelling of the thymus gland, accumulation of fluid around the lungs, difficulty in breathing and coughing. The anterior and posterior mediastinal lymph nodes also get infected with the lymphoma resulting in a non-compressible thoracic region.

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