Eye Protection For Bloodborne Disease


Eye Protection For Bloodborne Disease  

It is very important to have protection from infection arising from activities involving blood borne disease and hence maintain a healthy, safe and nondiscriminatory work and study environment as related to blood borne infectious disease.

The danger of occupational transmission of blood borne disease is manageable by adopting standard infection control measures, at all times in all appropriate circumstances.

The diseases associated with the transmission of blood or other body fluids are called as blood borne diseases. The potential people who are at risk of blood borne diseases include people working in laboratories in which blood and body fluids are handled, in clinical roles in which blood and body fluids are handled, working in the first aid field and working in landscaping or cleaning.

Prevention methods must be considered in laboratories, clinics and taken into account when designing laboratory and clinic layout and installing equipment. It is very much important for institutes or department to inform its people regarding safe working practices which are appropriate and lead to minimizing the risk of
Contamination, immunization requirements, personal hygiene information and requirements and induction for new staff, undergraduate and post graduate students.

Facial protection such as safety glasses, mask or face shield must be worn if there is a risk of splashing or spraying of blood or body fluids. Eye protection should be worn during venipuncture and transfer of blood or bodily fluids. A full face shield provides the greatest of protection but in some circumstances, prescription or plain lens spectacles may be suitable. Contact lenses do not offer any protection against exposure to blood borne pathogens.

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Eye Protection For Bloodborne Disease )
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