What Are Dry Eye Diseases


What Are Dry Eye Diseases ?   

Dry eye diseases are diseases which happen due to tear deficiency of adequate lubrication and moisture in the eye. Dry eye disease causes irritation in the anterior or front tissues of the eye and may vary depending on the condition of your eyes.

In dry eye disease, the eyes get waterless because there is lack of sufficient tears being produced or because there is unusually high rate of evaporation of tears.

Dry eye syndrome can happen due to several reasons. It may happen during the natural aging process, especially in menopause. Also other reasons may include side effect of many medicines, such as antidepressants, specific blood pressure medicines, Parkinson's medications and birth control pills; or dry eye disease may also happen because you reside in a dry, dusty or windy environment.

While many people associate dry eye disease with sore and scratchy eyes, severe vision impediments can be a distinctive chance. If severe dry eye disease is not treated on time, it may cause dehydration of the corneal epithelium, ulceration and damage of the cornea, an increased occurrence of infectious disease, and, eventually into severe visual destruction and blindness. Hence, it’s very important to diagnose and adequately treat dry eyes on time.

Dry eye syndrome is considered to be a constant disease which might not get cured depending upon the reason, but the dryness, scratchiness and burning sensation associated with it can be controlled. Specific eye drops are available to increase tear production and can decrease or purge the redness momentarily.

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