Stomach Virus Canker Sores


Stomach Virus Canker Sores  

Canker sores are extremely painful mouth ulcers that appear suddenly. Canker sores are often mistaken for cold sores but they are quite different as they form inside the mouth, on the tongue, on the cheek lining, or under the tongue.

Canker sores are white ulcers with red rim. They burn and tingle and the normal healing period is around 2 weeks without treatment. Many people get recurrences of canker sores due to high stress levels or as a reaction to eating certain foods.

Sometimes when your immune system is compromised due to illness like a stomach virus, canker sores can appear. Even poor eating habits or during menstrual cycles can contribute to the appearance of canker sores. However, recurrent canker sores are associated with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and colitis.

Many herbal treatment sites believe that stomach virus and canker sores are interlinked. They believe that when you have a stomach problem, canker sores appear. In fact, they believe that development of canker sores is a signal for treating stomach virus or other stomach problems. Also, with a stomach virus, your body’s immunity is lowered which can trigger the outbreak of canker sores.

You can get stomach ailments also due to the use of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which act as a trigger for outbreaks of canker sores. The same is also true for beta blockers, chemotherapeutic agents and nicorandil.

Although there is no cure for canker sores, you can ease the discomfort and pain by using over-the-counter medications like Oragel or Anbesol. These medications will help you with the pain. Other prescription medications available for canker sore pain are Peridex, Aphthasol and Tetracycline.

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