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Skin Care Products To Clear Skin  

      Healthy and beautiful skin is based on two factors. The first one is your genetic predisposition to health skin and the second factor is how you take care of your skin. The second factor is extremely important if you really want to improve the way your skin feels and appears. This is especially true for people suffering from acne and pimples. More...

How Fast Does Melanoma Grow ?

How Fast Does Melanoma Grow

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It may occur in just about anybody; more so in those who have the risk factors for the disease. The occurrence of melanomas has been found to be linked with the presence of moles. Generally, people who have large and many moles are found to be more susceptible to the disease. More...



How Do I Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars ?

How Do I Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars

If you visit an acne forum, you will realize that the most frequently asked question is how do I get rid of old acne scars. While many people are constantly trying over-the-counter products with little success, there are others who are quite happy with natural cures to get rid of old acne scare.More...

Gene Therapy Male Pattern Baldness

Gene Therapy Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss affects millions of Americans and there seem to several remedies being offered to people ranging from drugs to vitamin supplements to wigs to hair pieces to topical creams to surgery. Because hair loss, especially male pattern baldness has no cure and people are vain about how they look, there are several scam artists making a fast buck. However, scientists are working hard to find a cure for male pattern baldness and one research group at the University of Pennsylvania has many people excited because they are working on gene therapy for male pattern baldness. More...


Causes Of Canker Sores On Tongue

Causes Of Canker Sores On Tongue

It is quite possible that you wake up one morning to find that your tongue feels as if it was attacked by razor blades in the night. You check out your tongue in the mirror only to figure out that you have ulcers on it, which were not there the previous day. Unfortunately, you are one of those people who have managed to get canker sores on your tongue.

Medically canker sores are known as aphthous ulcers or aphthae. You can get canker sores on your tongue because of immune system problems, vitamin deficiency, cancer, or HIV infection. However, some of the common causes of canker sores on the tongue are as follows:More...

Relief From Itchiness Caused By Topical Dermatitis

Relief From Itchiness Caused By Topical Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis, also known sometimes as topical dermatitis, is a type of skin disease where the skin has irritation after it comes in contact with an irritant. Contact dermatitis can range from mild to severe. It can also be caused by an allergy to a substance or it can be an irritation caused due to a substance. More....

Is Eczema Genetic ?

People who suffer from eczema are always pondering whether the eczema is genetic or environmental. The answer is that eczema can be both. Basically eczema is a genetic skin disorder that arises after the many genes responsible for eczema are influenced by certain environmental factors. There are many environmental factors that trigger the irritants that aggravate eczema. More....

Causes Of Shingles

Causes Of Shingles

Shingles is a painful skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. After a person gets chicken pox, the chicken pox virus does not leave the body. Instead it lives in the nervous system in a dormant and inactive condition. When the virus becomes active in the nervous system, it causes shingles. More...






Stem Cell For BaldnessMany people, especially men, suffer from baldness. When a man goes bald, there are a lot of questions asked regarding his virility and masculinity; when a woman goes bald, people look at her strangely as it is viewed as something abnormal. However, baldness is a fact of life for many people, both men and women, and that is why scientists are looking into stem cell research to see if baldness can be stopped. The good news is that recent studies have shown that stem cells can be used to stop and reverse baldness. More..


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