Can You Have Two Melanomas At The Same Time


Can You Have Two Melanomas At The Same Time ?  

Melanoma is another name for a form of skin cancer. It is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. In the initial stages, it may appear to be another mole. But one of the first signs of it is when the mole turns ugly.

Anyone may develop melanoma. It is very difficult to explain the exact causes, but it has been found that there are certain factors which put certain people at a risk of developing melanoma. They may be old age, a family history of similar diseases, certain eating habits, excessive smoking or use of tobacco, exposure to radiation, or obesity.

Once the disease is diagnosed and the person is treated there may still be occurrence of another melanoma. Some people can also have more than two melanomas. There are also others who have developed other forms of skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, who may be at a risk of developing melanoma. 

Generally, most cases of melanomas are those where the person has a close relative with the same disease. It is almost 10 percent of patients who fall under this category. There may also be patients who have more than one family member with the disease. Surprisingly, it has also been seen that people who have large and too many moles may also develop the cancer. People with fair skin are also at a greater risk compared to those with dark skin. People who have got severe blistering sunburns and those who have been subjected to large amounts of UV radiation are also prone to the disease.

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How-Fast-Does-Melanoma-Grow      Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It may occur in just about anybody; more so in those who have the risk factors for the disease. The occurrence of melanomas has been found to be linked with the presence of moles. Generally, people who have large and many moles are found to be more susceptible to the disease. More..


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Can You Have Two Melanomas At The Same Time ? )
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