Melanoma Joint And Stiffness


Melanoma Joint And Stiffness  

Melanoma is a rare but dangerous form of skin cancer and contributes to most number of deaths from skin cancer. It is the disease where cancerous growth of the melanocytes occurs. Melanocytes are the melanin pigment forming cells that are present in the skin, bowel and in the eye.

This disease is more common in those with fair skin and also in men and Caucasians; especially those living in sunny climates.

The only way of controlling melanoma is if it is detected early on. One has to be careful and aware of moles that look suspicious in terms of color, shape and size. When melanomas develop, the person may feel tired and exhausted easily. There may be lameness or stiffness. This may happen when the melanomas shift to the lymphocytes. There may be loss of appetite and weight loss. The melanoma may increase to abnormal sizes and there may be swellings elsewhere as well. These swellings may be particularly seen in the lymph nodes. Sometimes, there maybe itching in the affected areas or even bleeding.

With regard to the lesions or the swellings, one must watch out for the following: if the skin lesion is asymmetric or not, if the border of the lesion is irregular, if there is more than one color on that area, if the mole is larger than a size of 6 mm then it is likely to be a melanoma and also if the area is continuously increasing in size. However, many of these symptoms can be those of other types of skin diseases as well.

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Prognosis-For-Melanoma      Melanoma is a rare but threatening form of skin cancer. It affects the melanocytes which are the melanin pigment producing cells. In most cases, melanoma makes its appearance as a mole or a lesion. The only way to control melanoma is if it is diagnosed early. More..


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Melanoma Joint And Stiffness )
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