Prognosis For Melanoma


Prognosis For Melanoma  

Melanoma is a rare but threatening form of skin cancer. It affects the melanocytes which are the melanin pigment producing cells. In most cases, melanoma makes its appearance as a mole or a lesion. The only way to control melanoma is if it is diagnosed early.

The thicker the tumor, the more is the chance that the melanoma may repeat even after it has been removed. This may also happen when the melanoma shifts into the lymph nodes. Then there is a chance of recurrence.

It is possible to cure melanoma only if it is diagnosed in the early stages. The thicker the tumor, the lesser the chance of completely curing the disease. Only thin melanomas can be surgically removed.

The following will help in determining whether you have melanoma or not. It is also called the ABCD rule. First look at the asymmetry of the lesion or the mole. See if the edges of the border are ragged, etched or just irregular. Look at the color of the area, if it is red or brown or black. Also, see if the diameter is changing and increasing continuously. However, sometimes not all of the above may be present. SO you will have to consult a doctor to be accurate in your prognosis.

In the middle stages of melanoma, prognosis is not very good. Here, surgery will have to be done to perhaps remove the area of the lymph nodes that have been affected. Towards the end, prognosis is zero. In this stage, there can be treatment only to ease pain. This is known as palliative care.

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