What Does Stage 1 Melanoma Look Like


What Does Stage 1 Melanoma Look Like ?  

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer, where there is cancerous growth of the melanocytes, which are the melanin pigment producing cells.  This is a very dangerous form of cancer because it is the main cause for most number of deaths from skin cancer.

In Stage I of melanoma, patients have cancerous growth on the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. It may also be there in the inner layer of the skin which is called dermis. In these cases, the melanoma is about 2millimeters thick. In this stage, the cancer has still not spread to the lymph nodes.

The treatment for melanoma, and that of Stage I may be different according to the patient as different symptoms manifest on each person. The physician may advise the person to go through multi-modality care, participate in clinical trials and give the standard treatment. When the biopsy is done to diagnose the melanoma, the first thing that is done is to determine is its size and thickness. The lesion is measured from top to bottom.

Based on thickness, melanomas are divided into three types: Thin melanomas, Intermediate thickness melanomas and thick melanomas. Thin melanomas are those which are less than or equal to 1 mm in thickness and size,  intermediate thickness melanomas range between 1 to 4 mm in size, thick melanomas are greater than 4mm in size. The thicker the melanoma is at the time of diagnosis, the more are the chances that it has spread to more sites. It may have spread to the lymph node of the primary tumor first.

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What Does Stage 1 Melanoma Look Like ? )
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