Good Clinical Practice Job Opportunity

       Good clinical practice can be defined as international quality standards used for regulating human clinical trials. These standards are provided by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH). Good clinical practice guidelines include clinical trial procedures, defining roles and responsibilities of trial sponsors, clinical research investigators and clinical research associates.

     Also included are guidelines for protecting the interests of the subject and assuring him about the safety and efficacy of the procedure.

     Demand for qualified and good clinical practice professionals has been constantly increasing primarily due to booming economy, increased regulatory scrutiny, rising workloads, competition, increasing expenditure and merger restructuring. Around 210,000 clinical research professionals are currently working in the U.S. alone. While one-third of these are employed at various biotechnological and pharmaceutical firms, 40 percent of the professionals are working in investigative sites. Remaining 40 percent are working as service providers.

      Although, a variety of positions are available in clinical research, the positions that are regularly filled include professionals in regulatory affairs, statisticians, quality assurance professionals, study monitors or clinical research associates and project managers. Other jobs include medical writers, medical affairs personnel, data management professionals, business development professionals and clinical research coordinators. However, considering the qualifications required for the job, it is becoming difficult to obtain duly trained clinical research professionals.

     There are multiple ways to identify prospective candidates for a particular job. Recruiters and employers tend to use the Internet, or utilize the services of professional search firms, advertisements, employee referrals or networking through professional associations. 
     Recruiter prefers those clinical practice professionals who are associated with health-care fields. They might be nurses, life science graduates, pharmacists or physicians. As the number of projects increase, large number of qualified clinical practice personnel are required to handle the needs of industry’s growing capacity.


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