Medical School Embezzelment


Medical School Embezzelment  

Some instances of medical school embezzlement have come into highlight since few decades. In few cases, it happened that clerks were prearranged to falsify doctor autographs and remake old reports.

Also in many cases, it has been observed that employees working in medical school prefer to stay quiet because of the fear of losing their jobs or because of the pressure put on them by their higher authorities.

The two major cases that came into limelight led in illegal offense condemnations of two of the most well-known doctors worldwide, one was a $35 million defrayal and the other was disbursement of $27 million for official and other costs.

The Federal administration has speculated an estimation of around $75 million in access charges to Medicare. Even if only few doctors commit medical crime, it affects the entire hospital doctors and their staff to face criminal consequences.

It is believed that a crooked medical doctor who is responsible for practicing medical fraud and money laundering is dodgy to his colleagues. In any hospital, the security of patients, the public and the colleagues is critically reliant on the medical staff they work with. Medical Doctors need to deal with hazardous stuffs such as contagious bodies, radioactive waste materials, harmful chemical substances, and anesthesia.

US government has released countless number of documents about the medical laws. The medical school needs to follow and more than 500 people were questioned by the government researchers. Medical researchers found proofs of colossal unlawful charges involving kidney dialysis subject, charges for physicians’ services during the moment when they were acknowledged to be on holiday.
Hence, it is essential to observe the extensive cultural and systemic reasons that encourage the scam to happen.

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