Medical School Ratings


Medical School Ratings  

Although it might not be perfect, but medical school ratings are naturally immanent. However, the list of these medical schools may differ as per your need and interests. 

Does it really matter where you get admission in medical schools? Indeed it depends to give an idea about the school performance and personal requirements. Also, if the school is more esteemed, it increases your probability of winning a top-choice nationality and holding an improved system to employ for your post medical school efforts. Survey highlights that more than 90% of their graduates acquire one of their top 3 nationality preferences.
The medical school ratings have forever been a question of discussion amongst medical schools and medical students. There is no particular way for deciding these ratings entirely, and all institute desire to be ranked superior. However, there are several parameters on the basis of which these medical schools have been rated.

On the basis of research, here is the lost of top graduate schools:

Top 10 medical schools (based on research)

1. Harvard University
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Washington University in St. Louis
4. Duke University
5. University of Pennsylvania
6. University of California San Francisco
7. Columbia U. College of Physicians and Surgeons
8. Stanford University
9. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
10. Yale University

In the listing mentioned above, researches have proved that Harvard University bags the position of being number one medical schools followed by John Hopkins University and Washington University in St. Louis.

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