Famous People With Blood Diseases


Famous People With Blood Diseases  

Blood diseases can be classified as leukemia, anemia, sickle cell anemia and hemophilia. These diseases can affect just about anybody. Given below is a list of some of the famous people with these blood diseases.

Famed actor Bruno Kirby was one of the people to have suffered from leukemia. He later died in 2006 from this disease. Others include renowned politicians like Craig Thomas, Daniel Fordice, Jesse E Younger, Winfield Schuster and Nicholas Coleman. William Bill Walsh suffered from leukemia and died in 2007. Edward Rudolph Bradley Jr., and Arthur Lee also died in 2006 after suffering from leukemia.

Hemophilia, which is a genetic blood disorder, has also had famous patients falling prey to it. Renowned political leaders namely Ghengis Khan and Abraham Lincoln were rumored to be hemophilia patients.

Some of the famous people to be diagnosed with sickle cell anemia are Tionne Tinesse Watkins, popularly known as T-Boz from TLC, and Mobby Depp. Georgeanna Tillman, a popular American singer, was also suffering from sickle cell anemia. Another popular singer Paul Williams, who was the lead singer of Temptations, suffered from sickle cell anemia and owing to his ill health, he committed suicide in 1973.

While fighting any disease is not so easy, it becomes all the more difficult when it comes to blood diseases because most of the blood diseases are rare. But it is, indeed, commendable as to how these famous people have fought these diseases and are still doing well in their respective fields without letting the disease take over their lives.

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