Does Retin A Make Acne Worse


Does Retin A Make Acne Worse  

Science keeps trying to solve problems and find out solutions for them. Same has been the case for the most persistent acne problem that almost everyone has faced at some point or other.

The latest treatment for acne and its scars is the Retin-A Micro that uses an ingredient called tretinoin. It has been formulated with an aim of reducing skin irritation that usually occurs with tretinoin-based medications. This new treatment uses a new technique called Microsponge that allows the skin to absorb tretinoin in small quantities slowly. That way, over exposure is avoided, and skin irritation is reduced as the particles are washed away more easily.

Retin-A penetrates the pores and acnes, push the dead cells towards the surface to be washed away easily, thereby treating the acne. In acting as an effective remedy to acne, it prevents formation of new scars too.

The treatment procedure is such that the acne might only seem to get worse in the beginning, but then it eventually disappears to give clearer glowing skin. In the starting, the treatment might lead to reddened skin, burning or stinging sensations. This only means that tretinoin is working on the acne.

There are, however, certain safety measures to be remembered while using Retin-A treatment. The most important fact to be kept in mind is that overuse will only lead to increase in side-effects, not faster treatment. Also, it needs to be used only on prescription. No acne soaps or medications containing benzoyl peroxide should be used while using Retin-A.

Retin-A treatment should be stopped immediately in case of pregnancy or while planning to become pregnant, and a doctor should be consulted immediately. It should also not be used in case of sunburns.

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Does Retin A Make Acne Worse )
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