How Do Get Rid Of Acne


How To Get Rid Of Acne  

Acne is one problem that everybody has had to face at some point in their lifetime. It is unavoidable, but still a petty nuisance. Whether you are old or just a teenager, you would not like to publicly show even a small blemish on your skin, especially the face. But you get it nonetheless.

So, how to get rid of acne? While there are some precautionary steps, there is just nothing that can completely prevent acne. Some important measures are not using oil-based make-up or consuming a lot of oily food, over-indulgence in chocolates, over-exfoliating the skin, not washing the face properly, using skin-damaging chemicals and so on.

Another important measure is to stop the hand from continuously touching the skin. Not only does it increase the chances of bacterial infection, the hand also contains the same oil that can cover the pores of the skin and cause some damage. Sometimes, an individual’s skin is sensitive to a certain food items, which when observed should be avoided to prevent acne.

Usually chemical and medical treatments come along with side effects, which is why people prefer natural remedies over chemical treatments. Even then, those products that contain sulfur and resorcinol help in treating acne. But, the best out of the lot is benzoyl peroxide, which is most effective against acne.

Among a horde of natural cures, honey and yogurt are good options that can be mixed with comfrey leaves and cosmetic clay to prepare a face pack. Some other options are applying garlic, mint juice or mint oil on the affected area. Some even use a paste of made of cucumbers to treat acne. Turmeric and sandalwood are also said to be good for the skin.

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