How Does Cystic Acne Start


How Does Cystic Acne Start ?  

There are various types of acne like pimples, black heads, and white heads and so on. But cystic or nodulocystic acne is very serious problem, and needs efficient and aggressive method of treatment.

This type of cystic acne happens when the skin cells are inflamed, resulting in a cystic-like appearance, and have soft lumps below the skin the surface which are filled with fluid. They are very serious, and can be centimeters wide too.

Usually people call any deeply inflamed acne as cystic acne. But it is not so. Acne that even develops nodules along with cysts are called as nodulocystic acne.

Our immune system is very well advanced and complicated, which sets of alarms when there is a harmful or unknown body in the near vicinity. In case of the skin too, if there is a bacteria or infectious organism, the area becomes inflamed to send signals to our brain. Then the immune system works on that inflamed area to kill the affected cells as well as the infectious organism. While this work is in progress, the inflamed area becomes red and sore. The end product is the pus that contains the dead cells.

All this can happen within the body as well as just under the skin surface.

Cystic acne usually starts with a break in the wall of the hair follicle or skin pore. Deeper the break, more serious is the acne. Soon, the infected area is covered with a membrane and the immune system starts working, and the pus is formed.

Another factor that acts as a catalyst is the pools of oil in our skin that allow bacteria to develop and irritate the skin. Recent treatments concentrate on this pool of oil to stop bacterial growth, and eliminate any possibility of infection which eventually stops cystic acne.

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How Does Cystic Acne Start ? )
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