How To Stop Picking Acne


How To Stop Picking Acne ?  

There are some problems that are so irritating; not because they look bad, more because they compel you to indulge in activities that you very well know are not good for your skin. Well you surely would know what this problem is. Acne, of course.

Everyone knows it does not do you any good to pick acne and pop them out. But it is so difficult to control you hands that seem to have developed a mind of their own. Without your volition, your hand reaches that particular acne on your nose or cheek and keeps touching and digging at it.

Yes, it is an unfortunate habit that all of us would be guilty of. But, how to stop picking acne?

Clearly, to stop picking acne is a matter that requires great concentration and will power as no habit is left easily. But the best option to stop picking is to keep your hand distracted enough from venturing near your face. Instead of playing with your acne, why not give your hands some trinkets like stress chimes to play with.

It is equally unfortunate that apart from spreading the infection, the hands also are coated with oils that would only do more harm than necessary. For this sake, it would be better to conceal the acne from your own eyes with a layer of make-up or even better, some ointment or cream that would stop your hand from touching it.

It will also help if you try not to go in front of the mirror and stay longer than necessary, especially at more distance to avoid your eyes from spotting the acne. That way, you would be less conscious of the acne, and your mind would not be on it.

Eventually, it rests on you to exert control on yourselves to stop picking acne.

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How To Stop Picking Acne ? )
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