Itchy Face And Acne


Itchy Face And Acne  

Acne includes black spots the size of a pin or slightly larger white heads, pustules and cysts that occur on the face, shoulders, chest, back and even sometimes on the upper arms. They do not usually itch.

But sometimes, the red colored acne or pimples do itch which are also called as zits. They are highly inflamed skin parts which are bacteria infected. The action of the immune system on this infected part makes it unendurably itchy and sore.

Acne rosacea, also known as adult pimples, is also red and itchy that appears on the face of people aged between 30 and 60 years of age, for some unknown reason.

Although these pimples are itchy, it is usually better to not touch them at all. They should be left alone, mainly because the bacteria in the hands and nails can only cause to exacerbate the pimple and lead to more infection. Also, our hands are covered by the same oil that covers the pore of the skin. Bacteria grow and develop in this oil and therefore, excessive touching will inadvertently help bacteria growth.

In severe cases of acne all over the face, the entire face would get itchy. These cases need to be referred to a medical practitioner as they need aggressive treatment.

But, whether the acne is mild or severe, itching would only worsen the acne. It would also help to wash the hands regularly or make use of a sanitizer.

The itchy acne can be treated with the help of topical creams and gels available to soothe the itching as well as treat the acne. Even natural remedies are available like honey, lemon juice, yogurt and ginger.

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