Low Testosterone And Acne


Low Testosterone And Acne  

There are many reasons for acne. However, the most common reason is bacterial infection and inflammation of the skin. But, sometimes, increase in androgens, those hormones related to sexual and reproductive activities, can also be the reason behind acne.

There are two main types of this kind of acne. One that is caused by high testosterone levels, and the other caused by increase in cortisol levels. This can also be the side effect of steroids that increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone in converted to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that stimulates sebaceous glands in the skin, causing increase in the production of sebum. This increases the oil content in the skin and leads to acne. The acne related to androgen appears generally on the back, chest and shoulders; while the cortisol-related acne appears on the face.

Therefore, lower testosterone levels help to prevent this type of acne.

There are treatments available that reduce DHT conversion, thereby giving you a clearer skin. Drugs Duasteride and Finasteride help to reduce the DHT conversion. The topical shampoo called Nizoral can be used while having a bath that stops the oily effects of DHT. It would also help to avoid androgenic steroids that increase sebum production.

In case of lowering cortisol levels, the treatment is mainly de-stressing techniques like yoga and relaxation as cortisol is usually produced in stressful situations. However, it can also increase in case of allergies. So, another option would be to avoid food that your body is allergic to like dairy products, nuts, shellfish and so on.

There are various supplements available too that are anti-cortisol in nature like Phosphatidylserine, 7-Beta-hydroxy-DHEA and Relora. But having low levels of cortisol will lead to sore joints. So, moderation is best suggested.

Vitamins B5 and A also help decrease oil and sebum production.

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Low Testosterone And Acne )
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