Yogurt For Treating Acne


Yogurt For Treating Acne  

Acne is one of the most troubling problems when it comes to personal care, especially for a teenager. But, while cosmetics and medications often come with their own side effects, more often than not, people look out for natural homemade remedies for this disturbing, yet repetitive problem of acne.

For this reason, yogurt is high on the list of potential homemade remedies.

There may be a few myths surrounding the use of yogurt like it accelerates the acne rather an inhibiting it, chances of bacterial infection and so on. But, in reality, it is the opposite as yogurt is as effective remedy for the natural treatment of acne.

The reason lies in the very production of yogurt, which is by bacterial fermentation of the lactose sugar present in the milk. The bacteria in milk increase the acidity by converting lactose to lactic acid, from pH 4 to pH 5. This lactic acid then works on the proteins of milk to change their molecular structure, leading to the difference in the textures of milk and yogurt.

This increase in acidity along with the presence of bacteria actually helps in destroying those harmful bacteria on the skin that cause infection and acne. This is completely against the myth of increased bacterial infections.

Also, for most people, lactose is disturbing for the digestive system, which leads to production of sebum by the stimulated sebaceous glands, causing acne breakouts. Therefore, the lactic acid in yogurt effectually has an upper hand over milk.

Yogurt can be effective by either oral or topical consumption. While oral consumption means inclusion of yogurt in daily diet, topical method can involve applying a face mask containing yogurt, cosmetic clay, honey and comfrey leaves for 15 to 20 minutes.

Yogurt is also effective in tackling acne scars.

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