wHow Many People Die From Aids Each Year


How Many People Die From AIDS Each Year  

There was a time when AIDS could only be detected towards the terminal stage. By that time, the disease had clawed the entire body systems leaving little to save the patient. However, medical science has progressed immensely in the last two to three decades saving many lives from the clutches of this fatal disease.

As per the data furnished by UNAIDS for the year 2005, approximated 2.8 million people died of AIDS. Unfortunately, this figure included half a million children. However, it is believed that calculating an exact figure for the mortality rate of AIDS is complicated due to certain allied factors. Firstly, many a times in an attempt to save the family from the dishonor attached to the disease, the cause of the death is not stated correctly. Secondly, in many places with restricted resources, it becomes difficult to diagnose the individual as HIV positive. Thirdly, AIDS weakens the immune system to the level of making the patient’s body susceptible to various other adverse medical conditions. When a patient with AIDS dies due to any other related complication, the cause of death is not stated as AIDS. Lastly, the progress in the medical world has increased the life span of patients, who actually end up dying of age related factors rather than the disease itself.         

In the United States, a data updated in February 2008 illustrating the deaths caused due to AIDS and associated conditions states 988,376 as the number for cumulative AIDS cases. Out of this, 761,723 were males and 181,802 were females. Total numbers of deaths reported were 550,394 that included 525,442 adults and adolescents, and 4,865 children under the age of 13 years.

Despite all the efforts on parts of doctors and educators, HIV continues its rampage slaughtering millions all over the world. If treatment is not administered, an HIV infected patient survives for about 9 to 11 years. Whereas, under similar circumstances, the survival time period of an AIDS patient is only 6 to 19 months. However, treatment in the form of HAART therapy has reduced the mortality rate by 80 percent, and has increased the life span of a recently diagnosed HIV infected individual by 20 years. AIDS produces such lethal damage to the body's immunity that many patients die due to other diseases attacking the immune system. The remedy lies in awareness, education and timely medical assistance.

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