Where Did Aids Come From


Where Did AIDS Come From  

AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a medical condition which gradually breaks down the human immune system. The causal virus, human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, enters the body via fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk, and weakens the immunity of the body. The disease ultimately results in death.

Despite all the innovation in medical science, the cure for this fatal disease has not been deciphered as yet. Timely treatment only enhances longevity.

For years now, scientists have been carrying on an avid research to trace the origin of this disease. A large proportion of scientists have reached the consensus that HIV originated in Africa around the year 1940. Records project that the first person to die of AIDS was an inhabitant of one of the African states. After his death in 1959, tests performed on his blood established the presence of HIV.

Another intriguing discovery pertaining to this lethal disease is that HIV has probably been inherited by the human race from a virus found in monkeys. This virus, known as Simian Immunodeficiency Virus or SIV, shares similarity with the HIV in terms of genetic structure, characteristics and mode of transmission. Infection from the SIV virus results in AIDS in monkeys and HIV produces AIDS in humans. However, the virus only creates this effect in its respective species. SIV does not lead to AIDS in humans.

There are numerous hypotheses suggesting the evolution of HIV from SIV. The ‘Cut Hunter Theory’ states that hunters of Africa were frequently wounded while trying to catch chimpanzees that were infected SIV. Another theory that came forth during a conference of the Royal Society of London was that the process of unintentional vaccine contagion and conduction resulted in the natural evolution of HIV. The polio vaccine has a special significance in this theory since it owes its origin to the kidney cells of a monkey, which were believed to be contaminated. However, this theory did not gain much approval. 

Whatever may be considered as the form of origin but it is strongly postulated by the National Academy of Sciences that HIV originated from Africa, spread to Haiti and then ventured into the United States, where it was first discovered in the year 1980 in a group of gay men. All members of the group were noticed to be suffering and eventually died from diseases and collapse of the immune system of the body. Thereafter, it was an in-depth analysis of this situation led to the detection of the AIDS.

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