World Aids Day History


World AIDS Day History  

AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, has devastated the lives of approximately 25 million people between the years 1981 and 2007. In fact, in 2007 alone, about 2 million people died due to the disease, and out of these, approximately 270,000 were of children.

The deadly story continues in the form of about 33.2 million people worldwide who are infected with the deadly HIV as on record till 2007. The statistics itself proclaim the gravity of the situation.

In an attempt to take charge of this destruction of mankind, the notion of observing World AIDS Day was visualized by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987. They both served as public information officers for the Global Program on AIDS at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Bunn and Netter's thought was honored by the Director of the Global Program on AIDS, Dr. Jonathan Mann; thereby marking the World AIDS Day on December 1 for the first time in1988.

The date of the World AIDS Day was selected after much contemplation. The date was chosen as December 1 to obtain maximum publicity since the year 1988 was the year of elections. Media coverage was seen as an important factor for the success of this day. Bunn and Netter believed that the date would be ideal as it was perfectly positioned between the time duration after the elections and before the Christmas holidays.  

Since then, December 1 each year is commemorated as World AIDS Day. In fact, in 1995, it was the first time that a US president made a public declaration of the World AIDS Day. Following the example set up the US, other countries also announced the observation of the day in order to save their citizens from this epidemic.

The day is committed to evoking consciousness on the fatal repercussions of HIV and AIDS. Know-how is imparted on the various methods of transfer of the virus. Memorials are organized to remember those who have fallen prey to this disease. The government also organizes events wherein the health officials give speeches highlighting various aspects of the disease. In the first two years, the themes for the day mainly revolved around children and the younger generation. However, this was not accepted well as AIDS is a disease of all ages. The theme for the World AIDS Day 2008 was Lead- Empower- Deliver.

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