Alzheimer Disease Early Symptoms


Alzheimer Disease Early Symptoms  

It was the German Physician, Alois Alzheimer who for the first time brought to light certain facts about the Alzheimer’s disease in the year 1906. This is essentially a brain disorder that may not catch the patient’s attention in the initial stages. The early symptoms of this disease may also be confused with problems of old age. Once diagnosed, patients generally survive for about 8 to 10 years.

The disease progresses in three stages, namely mild, moderate and severe. Some of the fundamental issues related to the suffering of Alzheimer’s disease include impairment of cognitive and memory functions, communication hassles, personality changes, inconsistent behavior, dependence, and losing control over bodily functions. However, the symptoms tend to vary from person to person.

The first stage of the disease illustrated as the mild stage extends from about two to four years. During the early stages, the patient experiences lack of spontaneity and vigor. The ability to grasp new things and one’s reactions are also rather slow. One of the most common indications is loss of memory especially pertaining to recent happenings. The individual loses track of important dates and events and repetitively asks for the same information. Sense of confusion is another prominent sign. Such people sometimes even get confused about their own being and surroundings. They are unable to perform their day to day responsibilities and exhibit poor judgment. Patients of this disease undergo extreme mood swings such as feeling suspicious, depressed, fearful or anxious. Also, they form a cocoon around themselves and do not desire to meet new people or see new places. Familiarity is what gives them comfort. Some of the other indications are apparent in problems related to verbal and written communication.

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Alzheimer-Disease-History      Although medical history does demonstrate research on the identification and analysis of the gradual decline in a human being’s mental health, this phenomenon was most often associated with old age rather than any specific disease. In the year 1906, a German physician named Dr. Alois Alzheimer conducted a brain autopsy on one of his patient’s whom he was unable to save even after years of treatment. More..


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