Stem Cells And Alzheimer Disease


Stem Cells And Alzheimer Disease  

Over the years, medical research has revealed various novel inventions that have enhanced the life span of human beings. The discovery of using stem cells in the treatment of various fatal diseases is one of the latest innovations in this respect. It is indeed astonishing that something as simple as stem cells that are present in all multi-cellular organisms can become saviors of human life. This aspect was highlighted for the first time in the decade of the 1960s by two scientists from Canada -- Ernest A. McCulloch and James E. Till.

The basic characteristics of stem cells that empower them are their ability to regenerate through the process of mitosis and differentiate into various forms of specialized cells. Stem cells are present in mammals in two fundamental forms namely; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Within the body of an adult, these stem cells can be effectively utilized for the processes of repairing and replenishing. Today doctors all over the world are making use of stem cells in the treatment of various terminal diseases.

In recent years, there is evidence of research in the field of utilizing stem cells for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease as well. This disease leads to the gradual death of the nerve cells. Medical examination has highlighted the degeneration and dysfunction of synapses and neurons in certain segments of the brain in people suffering from the disease. These regions of the brain are primarily associated with memory and intellectual ability. Stem cell therapy has imparted a large extent of hope in the treatment of this otherwise incurable disease. It is believed that neural stem cells can be used to generate new nerve cells that could possibly aid in the restoration of brain damage caused by the disease. These finding have certainly raised the hopes of patients in finding a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

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