Ten Warning Signs Of Alzheimer Disease


Ten Warning Signs Of Alzheimer Disease  

The initial symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease may go unnoticed by the patient himself or herself. However, if one is well informed and vigilant, the disease can be diagnosed early and treatment can be commenced accordingly. The first warning sign of the disease is loss of memory in relation to the names of people and recent events.

Secondly, chores that one has been taking care of all through one’s life suddenly start seeming difficult to handle such cooking for a woman. Thirdly, patients of this disease develop issues with verbal communication by forgetting certain simple words leaving their sentence formations incomprehensible. Fourthly, they tend to lose track of time and days; and get disoriented easily. The fifth warning signal is decline in the potential to make judgments. An Alzheimer’s patient is unable to decide wisely even about the clothes one should wear in accordance to the weather conditions.

People suffering from this disease experience difficulty in terms of any abstract thought process. For instance they may not be able to comprehend the significance of the numbers in a check book. Another prominent indication is inappropriate placement of objects such as placing the car keys in the sugar bowl. Drastic fluctuation in one’s mood is also an evident sign of the disease. Such people can get angry or emotional out of the blue without any triggers. Their personality also exhibits many transformations. They become reserved, baffled and distrustful in nature. Lastly, an Alzheimer’s patient will seem very laid back or passive in life. They require motivation and assistance for conducting activities in all spheres of life, be it personal or professional.

If these warning signs are recognized by the patient or care takers at an appropriate time, then early treatment can certainly increase the longevity of the patient.

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Ten Warning Signs Of Alzheimer Disease )
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