Bronchitis In Children


Bronchitis In Children  

In order to understand the intricacies of any disease pertaining to the respiratory system, it is vital to comprehend the anatomy of this body system. From the nostrils, the air goes into the wind pipe or trachea, the latter part of which is known as bronchus. This divides into two bronchial tubes each carrying air into the lungs. These bronchial tubes, or bronchi, further divide into bronchioles terminating into alveoli, which is the exact site for exchange of gases in the lungs.

Bronchitis is the medical condition that is a consequence of irritation and inflammation in the bronchial tubes. Although bronchitis attacks the human body in two forms, acute and chronic, children are mainly vulnerable to the former variety of the disease. Acute bronchitis is caused by viral or bacterial infection. However, in children it is invariably due to a viral infection. Bacterial infection is the cause of the disease primarily in adults.

Since the chief cause of the disease in children is a virus, therefore no significant treatment is administered. Symptoms of the infection are extremely similar to those of common cold or flu. Indications of the infection are evident in the form of sore throat, running nose, slight fever with chills and fatigue. Cough is dry in the initial stages of the infection, but later it is accompanied with mucus. Some children may even experience wheezing with discomfort in the chest.

Lots of rest and consuming plenty of fluids is the best remedy. The persistent cough generally keeps the child and nursing parents awake. Cough syrups, humidifiers and vaporizers in the house or bedroom could be of assistance to ensure sound sleep. Inhalation of steam can also prove to be beneficial. Antibiotics are only required in cases of bronchitis due to bacterial infection, which is a very rare possibility with children.

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Bronchitis-Symptoms-And-Treatment      Bronchitis is characterized by inflammation of the passages of air within the lungs. The problem can occur in two forms, namely acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is caused by viral infection with symptoms of cold, sore throat, wheezing, slight fever with chills, and chest discomfort. However, this is a milder form of the problem, and it can be cured within a few days. More..


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