Is Bronchitis Contagious


Is Bronchitis Contagious ?  

A swelling in the mucous membrane of the bronchi is known as bronchitis. Since the bronchi, or bronchial tubes, are responsible for transferring air from the wind pipe to the lungs, an infection in these tubes causes a respiratory disorder. The formation of extreme phlegm further blocks the passage and magnifies the problem.

One form of the disease is known as acute bronchitis. Almost 90 percent acute bronchitis cases owe their origin to a viral infection. Bacteria are the cause for only 10 percent of the infections. The symptoms of the disease include cough, formation of mucus, running nose and mild fever. These are very similar to those of common cold or flu.

The second category of bronchitis called chronic bronchitis is a kind of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The cause in this case is not a pathogen. Chronic bronchitis is a consequence of persistent injury to the air passage by means of tobacco smoke, toxic gases or pollutants. This disease leads to serious complications in breathing.     

A disease that can be easily transmitted by contact is designated as contagious. Acute bronchitis is the contagious form of the disease. Since the causative agent is a pathogen, the risk of transmission is inevitable. The disease may not be contagious in the initial stages of inflammation in the air passage. Thereafter, when the passage gets infected with the pathogen, the risk of contagiousness begins. The infective virus or bacteria can very conveniently be transmitted to another person through cough or sneeze. The infection is extremely potent and results in attacking the healthy people in close proximity via direct and indirect contacts.

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Is Bronchitis Contagious ? )
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