Dangers In Bulimia


Dangers In Bulimia  

Bulimia is a disorder which involves eating compulsively and at the same time being obsessed with weight loss. To put it in simpler words, a bulimic person may be binge eating due to some emotional reasons. But after the person finishes eating, out of guilt of eating, the same person may resort to vomiting or use of laxatives so that the food is not absorbed in the body and does not result in weight gain.

This cycle goes on where the person eats and flushes the food out of the system and then again eats and so and so forth. Though it may not seem so serious, it is a disorder which may even lead to death, if not treated. A bulimic person could have problems such as diarrhea or constipation, mouth sores, stomach ulcers and can also lead to liver damage. On account of continuous vomiting, the stomach acids may cause damage to the teeth as well as esophagus. And, the constant use of laxatives may result in bowel irritation. Bulimia also leads to dehydration, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and anemia. Women suffering from bulimia may also end up with hormonal imbalance, where they have irregular or no menstruation at all. In the long run, it may also lead to infertility.

Besides the above mentioned physical side effects, a bulimic person may also go into depression wherein the person may start withdrawing from family and friends, and in some extreme cases may also contemplate suicide. Bulimia can also cause feelings of shame, anxiety and also low self esteem.

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Dangers In Bulimia )
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