Early Signs Of Bulimia


Early Signs Of Bulimia  

Bulimia is one of the eating disorders where one resorts to eating due to some emotional and painful instances in their life. Like all other diseases and disorders, people suffering from bulimia also show some early signs.

The basic sign of this disorder is that most of the people suffering from bulimia may be obsessed with their weight. They may have a fear that if they start eating, they may never stop, and sometimes, they may also eat until they actually sick. After doing so, they may also feel guilty, and sometimes shameful as well. Though the people suffering from bulimia are constantly over eating, they may also be taking laxatives, or may resort to vomiting in order to control their weight.

People suffering from bulimia often have trouble controlling their eating. They may wander into the kitchen after the others have gone off to sleep to look for something to eat. In addition, they may also be eating more than their normal quantity of food. Since they are also obsessed with their weight and appearance, they may go on a no eating spree, where they would just be fasting. Some people may just rush to the bathroom after their meal or they may indulge in some calorie burning exercises like aerobics or running.

If you spot these signs is a loved one, then you may need to ascertain if that person is suffering from bulimia, and it may do some good to talk that person about it. Also, convince the person to seek treatment in the form of counseling. Remember, bulimia is definitely treatable.

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