wFasting And Bulimia


Fasting And Bulimia  

Fasting is a process where you can miss a few meals, or just take a short fast and miss one meal. This is a very old and traditional way of giving the digestive system a rest. By fasting, that is by skipping a meal or two, we can also help our body to get rid of the toxins which have accumulated in our system. Also, while fasting, you can still go about the daily routine unless it is a major strain on your physical health.

Bulimia, on the other hand, refers to a disorder where the patient is obsessed with his or her weight and gets onto to a binging spree. Since he or she is paranoid about their weight, they move on to purging immediately after their binging session. This is primarily out of guilt of overeating.

While fasting moderately is a very healthy way of removing body toxins, bulimia can lead to serious disorders. In case of fasting, though you may skip your meals, you may still replenish your body with fruit juices, fruits and nuts. On the other hand, in case of bulimia, the person may resort to binging high calorie foods, which is extremely unhealthy. To add to it, they may also resort to induced vomiting, which is also not a wise thing to do.

Fasting is a process which requires total control on your eating habits, while bulimia is a state where the patient does not have any control at all over his or her eating habits.

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