Pictures Of Bulimia


Pictures Of Bulimia  

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where the person suffering from this disorder gets into a mode of binge eating and consuming excess of food. A bulimic person also suffers from an obsession about their weight. So, they try all possible things to control their weight, and in the process resort to unhealthy methods and practices such as induced vomiting, unnecessary use of laxatives or diuretics, and even consumption of drugs to reduce hunger.

It mostly affects the teenagers, and women in the age group of 12-25. However, people in other age groups can also be affected. This can be quite a serious condition because regularly induced vomiting can lead to salt loss in the body, kidney problems, heart problems and muscle weakness. A bulimic person can also develop dental as well as esophageal problems. This disorder can also lead to death. Bulimic people can also end up with problems like hypertension, asthma, stress and depression. In addition, bulimia can lead to dehydration, and the body may sometimes start looking as if the patient is suffering from cancer.

A bulimic person may also suffer from vitamin deficiencies and low blood pressure. Due to excess vomiting, the blood vessels of the eyes may also break. Thus, leading to trouble with the vision. Bulimic people may generally suffer from fatigue and general weakness. It may be an effort for them to go about their daily activities. There are chances that bulimic people may develop depression, and may even become suicidal.

It is, thus, important to understand the effects of bulimia and start a treatment at the onset of the warning signs of this disorder.

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