Signs Of Bulimia


Signs Of Bulimia  

The first and foremost sign of bulimia is binging. Bulimia is an eating disorder where the person tends to eat excess amounts of food, and at the same time is also obsessed with his or her weight and appearance.

When you find yourself or a loved one eating excessive amounts of food, without any control, to the extent of being sick, these are warning signs. The other thing which bulimic people tend to do is to purge immediately after eating to avoid the calories from getting added to their system. By purging, we mean the patient may try to induce vomiting or use laxatives or diuretics unnecessarily. Sometimes, there may be bulimic people who may not resort to purging. Instead, they may go on to a fasting phase where they suddenly stop eating.

By casually looking at a person, you may not be able to point out that he or she is bulimic since these people do not tend to be overweight. They just seem normal. But when you look closely, you may find a bulimic person looking very tired and dull. Such a person may suffer from mouth sores, dehydration, and fatigue. Some bulimic women may also experience loss of menstruation and subsequent infertility.

On the emotional side, a bulimic person may be constantly worried about his or her weight. They might be using the bathroom immediately after a meal, or may be exercising rigorously for hours, and may also suffer from depression and anxiety.

If you notice these signs in yourself or a loved one, it is important to start taking treatment for this disorder, as this eating disorder may also be fatal.

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