Statistics On Bulimia


Statistics On Bulimia  

Statistics on bulimia can be quite alarming. It shows that this is an eating disorder, which is rapidly increasing, amongst females as well as males. Also, it is being seen that this disorder is affecting teenagers more commonly these days.

Statistics reveal that 85 percent of bulimic patient are teenagers, mainly girls, and the remaining 10 to 15 percent are men. But, it may be noted that many men, who do have bulimia, do not report it or go in for treatment primarily because bulimia is seen as a woman’s disease. And, they may be ashamed of having this disorder. Hence, the percentage of men having bulimia may actually be higher.

There are about 1.5 million bulimic people in the US itself. In Canada, the number of women, who are bulimic, may be around 4,00,000; and not to mention the bulimic men.

This disorder usually starts in the late teens. But, there have been instances where even 6 year old kids have been reported with this disorder. There was a belief that this disorder is commonly found among white Caucasians, but this view is changing now. Though bulimic people are always obsessed with their weight, studies reveal that 64 percent of them were near the normal weight range.

It is also believed that people whose loved one has bulimia may be 4 times more likely to develop this disorder themselves. Also, half of the bulimic people may be healthy 10 years after treatment, and around 2 percent may still have the disorder. While around 3 percent may have partially recovered.

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