Symptoms Of The Disease Bulimia


Symptoms Of The Disease Bulimia  

Bulimia nervosa is a disorder where the person suffering from it may be constantly having a fear of being overweight and, at the same time, may suffer from episodes of binging where he or she continuously eats without control, to the point of getting sick.

Some of the symptoms of bulimia are as follows:

  • Overeating: The bulimic person may end up eating more than what they would normally eat. Sometimes, the binging also happens in private. So, you may find empty wrappers of snacks in the trash can which probably you never bought in the first place. Basically, the bulimic person would have very peculiar eating habits.
  • Purging: Once the binging period is over, the patient may feel guilty about the amount of food eaten and hence, may take measures to bring it out of his or her system. They will resort to induced vomiting or use laxatives for the same. Hence, you may find that a bulimic person may head towards the bathroom immediately after eating. Some people might also be exercising hard for hours at a stretch immediately after eating.
  • Physical appearance: A bulimic person may not look abnormal in any way. But, a closer look may reveal dry skin and/or damaged teeth. The person may also be suffering from fatigue. The bulimic person may also start looking pale because bulimia causes anemia. You may also find scarring at the back of the fingers of a bulimic person’s hand on account of self induced vomiting.
  • Depression: This is a very important symptom to look for in a person suffering from bulimia. The bulimic may have a very low self esteem, and may withdraw from family and friends.

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