True Story On Bulimia


True Story On Bulimia  

When you hear the true story of a bulimic, you might understand how the lives of the people affected by bulimia. It all starts with just a little joke about this young teenage girl being fat, and how she should avoid wearing clothes that show of her fat arms and things like that. Because of this, the young girl joins a gym, hires a personal trainer, goes for jogging and loses a considerable amount of weight.

It would have been really good if things had stayed that way. Years later, the girl is now obsessed with her weight and she is constantly thinking and worried that she might gain weight again. Therefore, all the time her mind focuses only on food and weight. In the process she loses control of what she is eating and starts binging food. And, because of her obsession with weight, she uses method to start purging as well. Thus, the cycle continues. Because of this problem, she stopped going around with her friends. Though her husband did suspect something, he could not identify the problem.

Upon her husband’s suggestion, the young girl goes to see her physician who refers her to a psychologist. The problem was finally diagnosed as eating disorder. She was on a treatment for a year, where she met up with a dietician and a therapist and also attended group meetings.  She changed her job because she thought that the atmosphere at her job would be a hindrance to her recovery. Now the girl is not a bulimic anymore, neither is she obsessed with weight. She has learned to enjoy her food, and is a much happier person.

This is a true story on bulimia. In fact, many bulimics will be able to identify with this story as most of them will say that is how the disorder started for them too.

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What-Is-Bulimia      Bulimia is a disorder related to eating. A bulimic person indulges in binge eating followed by a vomiting or purging session. Bulimics indulge is vomiting or using laxatives in order to purge the body of whatever food they have eaten. More..


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