What Is Bulimia


What Is Bulimia ?  

Bulimia is a disorder related to eating. A bulimic person indulges in binge eating followed by a vomiting or purging session. Bulimics indulge is vomiting or using laxatives in order to purge the body of whatever food they have eaten.

Bulimic persons generally prefer to binge on high calorie food, and they have no control over their eating. They may eat to a point of getting sick. After eating enormously, out of guilt, they try to purge the food that has been consumed. In order to do this, the resort to unhealthy practices like induced vomiting or using laxatives and/or diuretics.

Bulimia is generally caused due to an obsession to stay thin. But, depression or impulsive behavior can also be some of the causes of this disorder. This may also be genetic, and there may be cases that the bulimic person has been sexually abused in the past.

The most significant sign that a person may be suffering from bulimia is that he or she may rush to the bathroom immediately after a meal. Some people may suffer from tooth decay, skin problems, irregular menstruation, shrinking of breasts due to weight loss and fatigue.

It is not easy to recognize a bulimic person because he or she may generally look normal except for some minor physical symptoms which may reveal their disorder. If you feel that a friend or family member is suffering from this disorder, he or she should be treated for the same because this disorder can also prove to be fatal.

Treatment for bulimia may involve behavioral modification programs and counseling. In some cases, the doctors may also prescribe some antidepressants.

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