Can Gout Cause Foot And Leg To Swell


Can Gout Cause Foot And Leg To Swell ?  

Gout is a health problem that is categorized under the broad framework of arthritis affecting the joints of the body. It is also said to be a form of arthritis causing the maximum pain. The characteristic features of this medical condition include redness, swelling, stiffness and swelling of the joints. The most prominent site of a gout attack is the joint in the big toe. However, the problem can flare up in other joints of the body as well such as the ankles, heels, knees, wrists, elbows and fingers.

Although this disease only affects the joints in the body but the associated areas could also experience inflammation. If gout attacks the ankle joint, swelling could occur in the foot and in case if the knee joint is affected by the problem then inflammation could extend to the leg. Gout is known to occur in four stages namely; asymptomatic (without symptoms), acute, inter critical and chronic.

The basic cause for the swelling is the built up of uric acid in the area. This deposition of uric acid could be due to various reasons, such as excessive production of uric acid, inadequate elimination of uric acid from the body due to improper functioning of the kidney, high consumption of food rich in purines that are metabolized into uric acid in the body, high intake of alcohol, dehydration, excess stress and high blood pressure. An attack of gout occurs all of a sudden and leads to shooting pain that is unbearable for the patient. The attack usually lasts for sometime, the time span varying from days to weeks in each case. All the symptoms fade away once the attack subsides. However, this is a recurring condition and the attack can come back without any prior indications again. The subsequent attack can occur within a matter of weeks or even years if the patient is lucky!

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Can Gout Cause Foot And Leg To Swell ? )
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