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Community Programs For Cardiovascular Disease  

Since 2007, it has been acknowledged the heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, has become the leading cause of death in the United States. According to available statistics, one person dies every 34 seconds in the US due to cardiovascular disease. That is why it is not a surprise that there are many community programs for cardiovascular disease to help reduce the number of deaths and disability caused due to heart disease and its associated problems.

The different community programs for cardiovascular disease in the United States is primarily meant to educate people on heart disease and what steps can be taken to reduce or prevent the occurrence. The programs aim to cover ordinary people who are at risk due to high blood pressure cholesterol, tobacco use, obesity and being physically inactive. Also, the programs educate people on how important it is to seek medical help early in order to increase and improve survival rate after a heart attack or a stroke.

The awareness created by the community programs for cardiovascular disease is paying off. As many people are making use of the strategies developed by these programs to change their lifestyle and lead a healthy life. However, besides generating awareness and educating people, these community programs also offer clinical care. This care could be as simple as checking blood pressure on a monthly basis or as complex as providing life saving medicine to a person who has suffered a heart attack.

Many of the community programs also work along with local and state governments to ensure that dissemination of information on heart disease is far reaching, even to people from low income groups. The main aim, however, of most community programs for cardiovascular disease is to empower people so that they take control of their own health.

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