How Is Heart Disease Treated


How Is Heart Disease Treated ?  

Heart disease is quite a serious health issue as it can very lethal. Improper care in case of heart disease can cause the person’s death. In case of a situation where someone you love or you are having a heart attack, you need to know how to tackle the situation, or the end result can be pretty serious. Even in case of a person ailing from heart disease is around you, it would be a lot better if you understood the how and why of the disease and its treatment.

A doctor would diagnose the condition by taking various tests like ECG, EKG, and blood tests to check cholesterol levels and the heart beat. On the basis of the results of the tests, the doctor would suggest treatment and give appropriate medication.

In case of a heart attack, the medication would begin even before the various tests are taken, to stabilize the condition of the heart first. Oxygen would be provided via a face mask and nitroglycerine would be kept under the tongue. Apart from that, aspirin is also given along with some medications like morphine for relieving pain.

Once the tests are done, the reason is found out for the heart attack which could be a blockage or high cholesterol level. Then medications are given to help dissolve the block and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

Surgical methods are also useful in removing blockage. Angioplasty involves sending a wire through the artery to push the clot aside; stenting helps to keep the artery open; and atherectomy is used in case of a calcified clot. Sometimes bypass surgeries are more helpful in case of complete damage wherein that portion of the artery is replaced.

Also, heparin, a blood thinner, and beta-blockers are also given to help reduce the stress on the heart along with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor.

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