How Many Americans Have Heart Disease


How Many Americans Have Heart Disease ?  

Statistics for the year 2006 saw 80,000,000 cases of heart diseases in US with some or the other of cardiovascular disease. While there are 73,600,000 cases of high blood pressure, the number of people coronary heart disease is estimated to be around 16,800,000.

Number of acute heart attacks, medically known as myocardial infarction, is approximately 7,900,000 and angina pectoris, in other words chest pain or discomfort caused by reduced blood supply to the heart muscle, is around 9,800,000. There are about 5,700,000 cases of heart failure on the whole.

In the year 2005, around 151,000 people, who were below their sixties, were killed by cardiovascular disease, which was 26.4 percent more by in 1995.

The coronary arteries become thick and narrowed, which is called as atherosclerosis. The reason for this is fat and cholesterol accumulation. The outcome starts with a chest pain initially and then leads to a heart attack, and at times both.

Most of the people who have heart disease tend to die because they do not seek medical help at the appropriate time. In 2005, the number of deaths from heart disease was reported to be around 445,687. Statistics show a range of 47 percent to 68.3 percent people die even before they get attended to by emergency services. Heart disease in people due to age is about 211.1 of every 100,000 Americans.

Researches have confirmed that nearly 8,700,000 males and 8,100,000 females suffer from this disease, having angina pectoris or heart attack or both. Further, it is expected that 1.26 million people in the US will either have a recurring or new heart attack. Heart disease happens to be the principle cause of death out of all the diseases in US.

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