How Many People Die A Year From Heart Disease


How Many People Die A Year From Heart Disease ?  

There are six factors that could lead to heart disease or a stroke. They are high blood pressure and high cholesterol, diabetes and physical inactivity along with obesity and smoking.

Smoking could be the major leading cause as it accelerates the chances of atherosclerosis. Furthermore, the demand for oxygen increases by ten percent, and blood flow too is reduced; and many more side effects leading to fatal heart disease.

Also, people who are depressed stand more chance of death due to heart attacks than the one who are not. It is only regular exercise that can keep away these fatal attacks, as sedentary increases the risk of heart diseases.

The global statistics of the year 2005 estimate seventeen million deaths due to heart disease, women being more than half the number of them. Cardiovascular diseases top the list of the most common cause of death; one out of every five deaths being in the US alone. It is also believed that by 2015, there would be twenty million such deaths. 

There are six million people getting hospitalized in the US every year due to heart disease, and the most affected people are the one who come from low income groups. The number of people who succumb even before reaching the hospital is nearly 250,000.

A timely action and early recognition of symptoms associated with heart attacks can help a person survive. Statistics show that ninety two percent people in 2005 recognized the symptoms of a heart attack, but only 7 percent actually realized that they or their loved ones were suffering from a heart attack.

While there is a heart attack case every twenty second, there is a death every 33 to 34 seconds in the United States. Per day, the death toll is not less than 2,500.

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How Many People Die A Year From Heart Disease ? )
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