List Of Heart Diseases


List Of Heart Diseases  

Lifestyle and bad food habits of people are increasingly leading to higher risks for heart diseases, so much that coronary heart disease has become the most common reason for deaths. For this reason, people need to know more about heart diseases, different types and their causes.

So, here is a list of heart diseases with brief explanations about them that can come in handy at times of trouble. A lot of medical terms can be quite difficult. So, getting to know about them beforehand would save a lot of trouble.

The first and the most important heart disease to know is myocardial infarction, also known as heart attack. This can be due to two reasons, namely coronary thrombosis or atherosclerosis. This happens when your heart muscle or a part of it dies suddenly due to some blockage in the blood vessels, especially the arteries. This leads to acute chest pain. The blockage in the artery (coronary thrombosis) or other blood vessel (atherosclerosis) can be due to deposition of fats, cholesterol or calcium.

Sometimes, the arterial wall of the aorta can be damaged which is called as aortic dissection. This needs immediate attention before the outer wall gets damaged too. Cardiac arrhythmia involves irregular heart rhythm due to various reasons.

There are some heart defects in the septum of the heart that people are born with. These defects are called congenital heart diseases, and can be of two types, namely atrial septal defect and ventrical septal defect.

When the heart pumps blood in and out of the arteries, to avoid the rebounding of the blood, there are valves present at the openings of the arteries. When problems arise in these valves, they are called as valvular heart diseases. There can be some genetic heart disorders as well.

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