Recent Statistics Of Heart Disease


Recent Statistics Of Heart Disease  

Cardiovascular problems are one of the major reasons for death among the people. According to surveys, every one in three people in the US are affected by some heart disease or the other. That makes it approximately 80,000,000 people in the US who have either one or more kinds of cardiovascular disease.

According to the recent update of the heart disease and stroke statistics undertaken by the American Heart Association, nearly 2,400 Americans die everyday due to heart disease. It is the number one reason for death among Americans, defeating other reasons such as cancer, HIV, accidents or other diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

There 73,600,000 Americans who have high blood pressure, with 16,800,000 alone having coronary heart disease. There have been approximately 7,900,000 people who have heart attacks, and about 9,800,000 who have had chest pain due to angina. While only 6,500,000 have had a stroke.

Also, women are more at risk of heart diseases than men after the age of 75; before which, men are more at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Final mortality rates show that cardiovascular disease caused more than half the total number of deaths in 2005 in the US. Out of 2,448,017 deaths, 1,372,000 deaths were caused by heart diseases. Out of these, 32 percent of all the deaths that occurred due to heart disease were premature, i.e., before the person attaining the age of 75. A point to be noted here is that the average life expectancy in the United States is 77.8 years.

According to the survey by the National Center for Health Statistics, probable heart diseases decrease life expectancy by 7 years, while in comparison probable cancer only decreases life expectancy by 2 years. This shows that heart diseases are more common, and more lethal than any other disease or cause of death.

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