Signs Of Heart Disease


Signs Of Heart Disease  

Having a heart patient around needs a lot of responsibility and level-headedness. Sometimes, people might have to know how to react in an emergency in case of a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. However, most people rarely realize the smaller symptoms that belie the seriousness of the situation. If these symptoms go unnoticed, the situation can often go out of hand and it could become too late. Hence, it is unquestionably important to know what symptoms and signs of heart disease.

Usually, most people realize they have a heart problem only after an attack. There are very few who take tests regularly and get to know the problem right at the first stage itself. Hence, it is more important for people to know the symptoms of a heart.

In case of angina, or blockage of the blood vessel, the symptoms are pretty similar to that of a heart attack, which is due to a part of the heart dying and the irregular functioning of the heart muscle. The most important symptom is that of a chest pain, shortness of breath, increase in the blood pressure and pulse rate, and excessive perspiration. These are the loudest symptoms, and they should never be ignored. The pain in the chest usually spreads to the upper arms and jaws which make it different from the chest pain due to gas or acidity.

A feeling of giddiness or nausea and vomiting is also associated with the symptoms of a heart problem. Sometimes, the heart beats are irregular due to arrhythmia, which is often a tell-tale symptom. In case of heart valve disease, the usual symptoms accompany with a feeling of bloating around the stomach region.

Other minor symptoms include palpitations, loss of consciousness, cyanosis, vertigo, edema, anxiety, hemoptysis, numbness and tingling sensation in the limbs or fingers.

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