Women And Heart Disease


Women And Heart Disease  

Originally, heart disease was considered to be a man's disease. But, this statement is far from true. It is not breast cancer that is the number one cause for death among women. Rather it is coronary heart disease that causes maximum number of deaths among women.

On one hand, women are more protected from heart disease because of their hormone Estrogen, which strengthens arteries reducing the risk of heart disorders. But two reasons slowly turn this natural advantage into disadvantage. One is menopause, which leads to reduction in the levels of estrogen, and thereby increasing the risks of heart problems. This is a natural reason that affects all women. But the other reason is self-induced, and includes smoking, too much alcohol consumption, obesity, inactive lifestyle and too much stress. All these reasons slowly override the advantages of estrogen leading to greater risks of heart problems.

Another factor for increasing heart disease among women is late or less treatment than what men usually get. There are many reasons for this. All over the world, men are usually considered to be the earning members, and therefore get more attention than their female counterparts. Also, women are less vocal about the exact details of the problems, which make it difficult to identify symptoms on time, that is before it gets too late.

Also, another factor plays an important role in relation to women. It is often found that after menopause when heart disease starts developing in women. The heart disease usually develops in clusters and a group of problems together, unlike in men where a single disorder is what usually develops. This further increases their risk.

All these factors combine to form a deathly combination, which often leads to a higher mortality rate among women. It is said that in a few more years, every one out of three women will have a heart disorder.

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