Different Types Of Warts


Different Types Of Warts  

Warts are sign of a skin disease caused due to a virus named Humanpapillomavirus commonly termed as HPV. Wart can grow in any part of the body of an individual at any stage. Warts are generally found in kids and teenagers rather than adults. Warts are unpleasant and frustrating.

Most of the common type of wart do not cause much harm in the body and generally go away on their own, but some do cause pain and become serious if not treated in time. People who have reduced immunity and are sexually active often see warts on their bodies.

The humanpapillomavirus, which is actually a DNA virus, is of fifty different types. Each type is given a specific number and is responsible for a particular type of wart. A type of wart that grows in cervix caused by HPV virus strains Type 16 and Type 18 is called bowenoid papulosis. It can become serious resulting into a cancer. Warts are a kind of skin infection that can get transmitted through physical touch, wet grounds or through sexual intercourse.

The different types of wart that we see are as follows:

The common wart also called verruca vulgaris. It is mostly seen as very small clotted spots in hands, elbows and knees.

The next type is flat wart as the name implies these are flat on top and appears smooth. They generally occur on the face and spread when the region is shaved.

The other type is the plantar wart seen below the foot and often mistaken as a bump or corn. They grow within the skin and are caused due to clotting of blood vessels.

The last type is the genital wart which grows in and around the genitals. They appear skinny, and are known as papules.

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