Flat Warts Home Remedy


Flat Warts Home Remedy  

Looking horrible because of that frustrating flat wart! Can this have a cure at home? Yes, why not? A home remedy for flat warts is less expensive and not painful at all! But before removing the wart at home, let us understand what a wart is. Only then we can think of a remedy.

Warts are actually caused by what is popularly known as the HPV, or the humanpapillomavirus. This virus is a protein type virus related to DNA. There are many different strains of the virus. The most common types of warts can be treated at home. Those having complications should be dealt by doctors.

Usually they spread because of touch and if the immune system is not toned up. So, first thing is pay attention to your personal hygiene, and eat a healthy diet. Boost up your immunity so that you do not fall a prey. Such an approach with topical applications results not only in cure of a flat wart, but also prevents the wart from spreading or recurring in the future.

Clean habits such as using clean and dried towels, washing hands regularly, keeping the surroundings dry can prevent the virus to infect and cause warts. All members of the family having warts should adhere to these habits; and without wasting time, they should try to cure them at home itself. One must be determined to fight against the virus only then the solutions will work.

Application of vinegar is an excellent remedy for warts. But before applying to all the warts, first try it on a small area of your skin to ensure that you are not allergic to it. Usually vinegar offers a ninety percent success rate and is quite effective in treating flat warts.

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