Laser Treatment For Plantar Warts


Laser Treatment For Plantar Warts  

A plantar wart can be treated well with a laser therapy. Where other methods of treatment like application of acids, freezing by using cryogenics or surgery fail commonly, one opts for laser treatment. Laser treatment is not invasive, and therefore, the healing time is rather fast. Within few hours after the application of the laser beam, the person can return to his or her normal lifestyle.

Laser treatment is harmless and efficient. The success rate is almost 93 percent. Patients do not complain about pain or post operative complications. This technique has a unique characteristic of carefully selecting just the affected area, without disturbing the other parts of the skin.

Plantar warts can be best treated by a latest technique Flash lamp Pulsed Dye laser. It is a device which emanates tiny powerful pulse of light in short intervals at the affected area. This strong pulse of light is absorbed by the pigments of the RBCs. The absorption of light at the affected area further cuts off the nutritional supplement to the blood flow. The laser incapacitates the virus in the wart. This ultimately results in the destruction of the wart.

Warts which are very difficult to treat by other methods and tend to recur are known as recalcitrant warts. These warts are well treated by this method. The application of laser beam gradually blows off the wart.

Many times a single sitting is more than enough to remove the wart. However, sometimes a patient may require another sitting or two to completely get rid of plantar warts. There could be very small discomfort after the treatment, but it soon goes off allowing the patient to go about his or her normal activities.

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Laser Treatment For Plantar Warts )
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