Plantar Warts Home Remedy


Plantar Warts Home Remedy  

Plantar warts can be cured at home. Before taking any home remedy one should get it diagnosed by a doctor. Plantar wart is a kind of skin infection that is usually seen on the foot where a cut or wound had occurred earlier.

A plantar wart is a result of a virus infection transmitted through open areas of cuts thus entering into the blood vessels and clotting them. If you are suffering from diabetes, then do not opt for a home remedy. The basic reason is diabetic patients are more prone to foot infections and if ignored and not treated in the right manner may result in amputation.

There are couples of methods to remove a plantar wart at home. The most common method is application of apple cider vinegar in the area where the wart has grown with the help of a cotton ball. Many opt to immerse the affected part in warm water for few minutes to make the skin soft and pliable.

One can also attempt to use a duct tape, and stick it on the affected area for around 7 to 10 days. The results of healing are shown on the tenth day itself. Alternately one can use adhesive bandage and salicylic acid which are available in any chemist shop for melting down the wart.

Many believe in using banana peel in the wart region, especially done before going to bed at night when one does not have the need to wear shoes. Plantar warts can be also healed by freezing the affected area. This can be done at home by putting the feet in the freezing water for around ten minutes. This action has to be continued for a couple of days unless the area could be scrubbed off with the help of a scrubber.

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